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bat wings

1924 c cab

New Member
I have a spring behind suspension with 4 bar links tube axle. I want to change over to a forged axle and still keep the spring behind and 4 link. Does anyone know who makes bat wings for a 4 link spring behind?
Do you have heim ends or bushed ends on your 4 bar?? That would put a big load on heim ends. Maybe think about bushed ends if you do. Keep the spring as close as you can to the axle, less leverage.

they currently have heims. but will go with bushed ends.the reason for going with a forged axle is the tube axle i current have on it is bent and originaly setup for a radius rods, thats the way it was when i got the vehicle.and i like forged axles and the spring behind look.
Are theses what your looking for?
Pete & Jakes

Does any one know where i can find some without the spring behind? Just the hair pins type made like the one above?

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