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Feel like a kid at christmas


Well I finally managed to order some parts from Ron. I had to go through ebay to do it, so busy working never seems to catch a break. There suppose to be here on Thursday. I feel like a kid at christmas time. Also picked up a 350 trans this week, its going be a great weekend of hot rod building.:welxome::D:D:D:D
Remember we like pics.Get building.:toast:
Looking good keep it up . You will be cruzin before you know it. Gotta color picked out????? :toast::D:D:D
Now that is what we like to see Nice work with pics, Keep this as your build and add pics to this thread so people can look at your progress.
I 'm going red with a red body and frame amnd the front and rear axles and radius rods will be black. I know it sounds a little different, but my son built me a model of a T Bucket a few years ago and that was the color of it. I have it on my dresser as a reminder, he is helping me with this build he is 16 and can't wait to drive it.:cry::D:D
good to see progress being made on your bucket and even better that the boy is to keep them away fom the jappas-lol.i have 2 girls who are very comfortable driving our cars but not so keen on getting their fingernails dirty.must admit it makes it all worthwhile tho when i see them out on the streets in one of the cars as opposed to them gathering dust in a garage.
Well I worked most of the day on the T. Things went pretty well until I tried to set the motor in the car, I found out that my frame mounts, that I had built were to narrow I made an error there somewhere. I started cutting the mounts out and already have a set that I bought from RPM to go in. Minor obstacle to overcome. Did manage to get my battery box and Master cylinder mount in. :cry::D:D
Well I managed to get my rearend put together. I also built some front lower shock mounts. I designed some upper front shock mounts, have to go pick up some steel to start fabricating. Will get some pictures taken and get them posted.:welcome::D
Well I managed to get the motor mounts welded on today ,and fit the engine and trannny in the frame. I will have to do some adjustments the body is hitting the trans. A little more cutting, but I was glad to see that my rough estimates were close.
Keep up the progress. Mine is on hold, so it's nice to know somebody is making progress.
Ordered more parts from RPM on saturday. I trying to design my transmission crossmember and get it built. I'm thinking of using 2" x 2" x 3/16 box tubing is this stout enough? Looking for any thoughts from the field.

2 x 2 x 1/8" is what we use. If you cut the parts at a 35 degree angle it works out great. Made 6 of them yesterday as a matter of fact.

Cut the bottom part at 10.5" on the long side you need just 1 of these. Cut the side pcs at 6.5" you need 2 of these. Then the 2 top pcs at about 6.5" on the long side. I'll try to get you a pic later on if you need one.
Built my transmission crossmember today. Ron I used your design and I liked it much better than the want I had designed. I will try to get some pictures posted tomarrow.

Received my parts from Ron, Spindles, coilover shocks and steering arms. Well I got them all put on in about an hour, and now I have to buy more parts. It's slowly starting to look like a car. I had to shorten my rear radius rods that I built, I realized when I put the coil overs on that I had the rearend to far back. It'sgreat when you have a plan and then realize that you didn't think things all the way through. I now understand why I hear guys say that you are never done building the car. I have learned alot while building this car. I wish that I had found this forum before I started building.


I have some spare parts laying around here and there... I might be able to help you out on some things you might need/want... I just live down the road...

Ordered my front shocks last night from speedway, I need them to get the final placement on my upper shock mounts. I have got the front spindles and the steering arms installed, time to go get more steel to start building my cross steering. I'm still trying to find a steering column out of an early 70's ford truck, no luck yet. May end up going with a speedway column, unless somebody out there has better idea.

Why not make your own column? Here is an example.



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