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Front axle specs needed


Does any have the camber angle and thru hole size of both the 37-41 ford axle and the 49-54 chevy axles ? And maybe the height of the boss on the end of the axle ?

If no one knows, I will be pulling my axle apart here in a few weeks to make an axle drop jig, and I can measure the angle then.
I forget, but I think the Chevy is less, something like 4 degrees or thereabouts. Bigger kingpin too.

I recently asked Keith Bond who runs Super Bell Axle Co. for Jerry Slover at Pete & Jakes if he knew officially what the king pin angle is for early Ford spindles and axle. He said that the spindles are 9 degrees and the axles are 8 degrees which gives a 1 degree positive camber angle built into the front end. I'd guess that most fabricated axles have the king pin inclination at 9 degrees.

The height of the kingpin boss is 2-3/8" and the outside diameter is 1-3/8" with a bore of .8125.

I don't know about the Chevy stuff.
Thanks for the replys. The car I am building now has a chevy axle in it, so I can pull off the spindle and and get the rest of the numbers I need.
Top secret project :razz: If it works, I will post pics...
It is possible to use the Chevy spindles on a Ford axle. the draw back is all the work you have to do is just not worth it. With the after market as active as it is with repro Ford parts, there is no good reason to go this way.


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