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Header muffler insert ?


O'kay, my stupied question for this month is. I am putting my headers on, and got to the exhaust inserts ( Mufflers). There is this sliver lining on the outside covering the fiberglass wrap, it is held together which what looks like paper tape. Question - Does the sliver wrap stay-on or do you take it off ? I have my wrench in my hand as I type, so if I can get a fast answer I would be grateful. Thanks :eek:
Sounds like that siver wrap or paper is what keeps the fiberglass together and in place. Otherwise, wouldn't it break apart and come out of your collector? I'd say keep it on.
Thanks for the quick come back Fred. Yeah, that is the way I see it, but that cheap paper tape made me wonder. I always used to just make my own. Some expanded metal and some steel wool, and pack to the exhaust level you liked. Thanks again :D
how much steel wool do you have to pack in there to see a difference in sound? What kind of steel wool do you use? I have push in fiberglass muffler inserts in the side pipes and it is way to loud, I was thinking of packing in more fiberglass then the mufflers came with but wasn't sure if that would really help, maybe steel wool would help more? (those push in fiberglass mufflers are just as loud as open header!!!)

The ones i got from Speedway were TO quiet so i tore it out.Man was it loud so i took some fiberglass insulation i had in the garage and took off the paper then wraped it twice around then wraped it with aluminum foil.Now i have MELLOW LOUD but LEGAL.Understand one thing you will never get it to the point you can cruise down the road and listen to a radio.Hope this helps
Bat, one of the nicest sounding Chevelles I had was equipped with a pair of glasspacks called "Quiet power". They had a cone type insert in both ends with cuts like the ones in your link. The next car I heard with that sound was a Road Runner with turbo muffs on it.

radio???? who has a radio.

You ask what kind of steel wool to use, I understand the stuff to use are those stainless steel scrub pads like you use in the kitchen. They are course enough not to blow out like regular steel wool would.


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