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Holy Cow!


:rofl: How in the heck did this happen! Below is a picture of my last post...


That makes this post number 2,000 for me...

I'm 100% positive that I've successfully wasted a lot of peoples times with my antics so with this post I'm issuing a blanket apology to everyone! :faint:

I also want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone for putting up with me and making this forum such a great place... :ciao:
Its been a pleasure ,2000 wow you cant do anything just a little bit can U. I am sure lots have benifited from your posts i know i have . Come on 3000 AL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does that make you the "old man" of the group? Congrats, sometimes you actually have something to say ;) Who has more, or close?

Anyway, looking forward to many more, John.
keep 'em comin Al ... no need to appologize ... your humor is as good as your tech advice ,,,

keep up the good work or Fred will catch you.

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