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new guy from Canada


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Greetings all. Always loved T-Buckets but don't have one (yet)! My problem is my size at six feet four inches tall I don't think I could comfortably fit in one. I don't want to drive with my knees above the steering wheel. I have an old Chevy pick up and its a tight fit too. Hopefully I can get some feedback thru these forums about other folks suffering the same 'handicap'!
I'm 6'3". I fit good and have driven my T Bucket all day on more than one occasion. Meaning just about everday!:lol:

Plan your seat out. I used a wooden box I made to figure out what I needed my seat to be like. Here's a pic of me in my body.


I'm sitting on a box I made that is 6" high. I sit a little lower in my finished T Bucket, due to the seat platform being about 5" and webbing used in it. My knees are below my steering wheel becuase I planned it that way. I made a mockup of my final steering column length, too. Most people use a seat bottom that is 4" high in the front and angling down to about an inch in the back. I found that wouldn't work for me because I'm mostly leg. I needed to raise the rear higher so my knees wouldn't move closer to my body. You can do it man, you just gotta plan it out and do what works for you. Or, you could go with a stretched body.

Oh, welcome to the site!
:welxome:Glad your here. Dont give up on a tbucket there are several people that can tell you about streched tbucket bodies. :lol:.. Francis
Welcome Bill :lol: I'm 6 foot and I fit pretty good, like fred said its all in how you set the seat up.

Here is mine

My bucket's tiny but my father (6'5"), older brohter (6'6") and younger brother (6'7") all can / have / constantly want to drive my bucket.

I'm 6' nothing and after about a hundred miles I'm ready to stretch my legs out.

There are (THANK - insert Diety of your choice here ) there are now SEVERAL copanies manufacturing longer and wider T bucket bodies. Sure you might end up paying a few extra bucks BUT I promise you the extra money paid for a bigger body will be money well spent... same for REALLY good rear shocks.

A comfortable ride you'll enjoy, and you'll be itching to get behind the wheel at a moment's notice - LET's GO!

Cramped up in a regular size bucket and a bumpy ride you'll say "I might get the hotrod out today."

K&S customs has a nice stretched and widened body, Old Dog Street Rods does also, Mountain Home Street Rods just came out with a body that is over 6' long and looks REALLY NICE!
CCR (ugh) has a really nice stretched body, Total's Anniversary body has a lot of room BUT the sides seem to be lower.

There's also the option for a '26-'27 Lakester like Zipper's sells. Very Pricey but also VERY VERY Nice and lots of room there.

Lion's street rods (I think I got that right) has a lakster like that also but I'm not sure about the price.

Choices choices choices... ain't it GREAT?

You betcha it is!
I have the aniversary body and at 6 foot i have no problems getting into a standard body but old short legs (the other half)has a slight problem with the aniversary but just a little.Plus i like the looks better than a standard.
My T Bucket is a '27 witch is slightly larger I am 6' and I have plenty of room to spare.
Francis...I know what you mean. I prefer to call it a "Renaissance Roll"


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