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New Headlight Stand Mounting Brackets

We have a few cool new frame brackets to mount the cast Stainless Headlight mounts in the correct height and location for the T-Buckets. The brackets are available to mount off the shock towers or a universal mount off the frame.
These are 1/4" steel and weld to the frame, allow the mounts to clear suspension bars and raise the Stainless Headlight mounts to the correct height and look.

# 21826-TA Headlight Stand, Tower Bracket. $ 15.00 per pair
# 21826-UA Headlight Stand, Universal Frame Brackets. $ 23.00 per pair

Polished Stainless Headlight Mount Brackets. $ 85.00 per pairView attachment 7827View attachment 7827View attachment 7828View attachment 7829
Nice! The links won't work for me, but I like the brackets.

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