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new project front end

c cab

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ok I havent been here for a while but have been lurking Im starting a new project & im looking for photos of front suspension setups the project isnt a bucket but im using a bucket chassis I have I beam axle & need something Ed Roth style whats your thoughts. I found a drawing buy Mark Ervin & I liked it but it needed something so I changed the back of the car & sent it to him now this is what im building someheres some drawings the first is one is the one I changed the second is what Mark has come back with, its bang on to what Im doing it will be running a 59 buick nailhead 400turbo 12 bolt wheels not to sure at this stage the name is Cosmic Gypsy pearl ivory with flaked blue scallops I will be posting the build here & on the hamb & a couple of other forums any help is appreciated

Being a Roth Freak myself i really like your ideas.Who are you getting to do the Bubble.Are those 60 ford galaxy tail lighs?
I love those kinds of cars. Have you seen the Atomic Punk that Aaron built? If not, go to the HAMB and put in Atomic Punk. It is gorgeous.

Looks cool keep us up to date with the build.
thanks guys Im in automotive development & have just finshed building a 2008 Holden Hurst (Aussy car) so the development of this project is going to be the same make things change things the tail lights are Aussy ford falcon & as for the bubble im in the process with a glass company at the moment as in New Zealand we have to run a safty glass now back to the front end I have had a couple of ideas one that im keen on is using a vw front beam (one only) as Roth did with road agent coming out to a ford beam & coil shocks it needs to be something different
I applaud your ambition, that's one fine looking car. I had no help or even an idea of what I was doing when I began my bucket. I just grabbed a bigger hammer when I ran into a problem but I don't think I could ever get up the nerve to tackle something like you're thinking of doing, I wish you luck.
i really dig it , how about posting some pictures of this build on the H.A.M.B board the guys there would dig it also :cool:
I think it is. Screen name Nutter if I remember correctly.
yep thats me nutter I havent started a thread over there yet as I wanted to get the chassis done first then down load some photos of that while Im starting the body its funny I had been thinking about building one for ages but just couldnt get the right shapes then I was looking through the friday art & bingo ther was the car jigger is the guy that designed it I changed the tail lights as I didnt like it we have been corrosponding ever since & both have the same ideas

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