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nitrogen tire fill


Any body using nitrogen in your tires especially in the real hot areas I could see alot of advantages no fluctuation in pressure when it gets really hot? Also in cold areas no fluctuation either. I work at an auto repair place some people are getting really good mileage on tire this way . If tire air expands you will have less tire on the road and uneven tir wear.
I've never used it on the street but we used it back in our kart racing days. Very stable. Where are people getting the nitrogen?
Before I retired I worked for 35+ years for the telephone company. We used nitrogen in our truck and car tires and to power air tools when working down in a manhole. We had a contract with a local company that supplied us with propane, nitrogen and helium. If you do any welding talk to the place you get your acetylene and oxygen from they should be able to set you up with a tank.
I think the local AirGas supplier is where we got ours for the kart tires but where does the ordinary guy go to get it to fill his tires. Buying a bottle to keep in the garage is pricey. I can't speak to a car getting better mileage using nitrogen in the tires but when we started using it in our kart tires our lap times became more consistent. We were running a twin engine laydown enduro kart with Yamaha KT 100 engines. It was pretty fast.
der Spieler said:
We were running a twin engine laydown enduro kart with Yamaha KT 100 engines. It was pretty fast.

That sounds scary fast.:D
Steve you are giving an age hint with the "he man women haters club" no one under fourty knows what that is. Along with my favorite "BR549"

HA good one
The yougsters (not you Ron) of today have missed out on a lot. I grew up on Spanky and the gang. I have a small collection of Little Rascals videos and I also have several Charlie Chan and Marx Brothers movies on the shelf too. As far as BR549 goes, the RFD network has started airing all of the old Hee Haw shows, starting a few weeks ago with the first one. They are showing them in the order they originally aired. And yes, Rooster, I used to be young once but that seems like it was a long time ago.
Well I have a nitrogen tire fill station about 100 yards from the building that I work. Of course the company I work for makes the fill station. Not only that I have a hydrogen fill station at the same location. Now if I could just talk the company that I work for into converting the T to hydrogen fuel....

Where I live there are at least 5 tire stores that can fill your tires with nitrogen. They charge about $5 per tire. I have used it in the tires of my Mini Cooper for 4 years. The tire pressure stays constant, I don't seem to lose pressure over time, and the handling is great. Of course my Mini handles like a go kart and the tires are run flats. I don't know what effect the nitrogen would have on big tires that are running less than 20 psi.
got rid of the runflats on my Cooper. Man what a difference. Handles better and not NEAR as a rough ride. I think runflats suck, harder than hell. Been driving for 40 years and ain't never had a blowout or problem on the street. Besides got AAA and a cell phone. Same as when I drive the bucket which I have called a few times out driving.

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