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Ok Im new here

Hello, Rich Bowmer from Pocatello Idaho here. I've been building muscle cars, street trucks, hotrods, street rods for a few years (since 1977) and needed a new project, so I picked up a T that was (kind of) built in..... it looks like the 80's. It all needs to be reworked, but I think the major pieces are there. I want to get all of the frame and suspension work done way before I decide on a body. (The body it currently has is a wood C-cab and is pretty ugly) The front suspension is where I will start as far as posts here go... Not sure how many posts it will take to be able to post pics but you guys will see that I have plenty of work to do
10 posts so pics can be uploaded. Pile them on..... would like to see pics of it in the current state before you take an axe to it:laugh:
I kind of like the wood body. Fix up the pickup bed a bit and have fun with it! It's cool!
It has no and I mean no room for even your foot to touch either brake or throttle. Only 9"-10" between the front of seat and firewall. I cant even drive her around the block lol
Ok this is number 8... oh it does have a chromed 1963 or 1964 vette rear... I will need to fix that too so that it has some way of adjusting the toe in

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