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Ok Im new here

I was looking for a picture with the dash in the truck, but you have already taken it apart.

So I ASS U ME that it will not be a T-Bucket or a C-Cab again. This is a T-Bucket Forum but we also help with other projects.
Not quite sure what it will be yet. I do like the T-Buckets & It may end up being that in the end....Maybe even re-do the C cab, but this time it will be a little safer. The last rendition was just not safe. the foot room just didn't allow for getting your foot from the gas to the brakes. The left leg of driver had to be outside of cab while driving. Oh lol the seat wasn't bolted down to the floor and it only had one seat belt that went from passenger side to driver side... so I guess the two people in it could share.

Welcome from Florida. Here is my brothers truck cab on his homemade frame. Great Ratrod, not a bucket though as pointed out. Depends on what you want.

Well since you guys liked that first pic, here is the rear complete with through the window cage and parachute pack. It is a riot to ride around in. He is only 16 miles from Utah, we go over to Moab from his house often. Rich, where in Utah are you?
Utah is very close for me. Lots of friends and family there, one T bucket King that is no longer with us that used to come visit me here in Pocatello Idaho in the late 90’s from a place called Manti Utah. I’m North of Tremonton about 45 mins 2.5 hours north of SLC
When I saw this C cab show up on a trailer in front of my house ..... I sent my wife a text saying that an old friend that passed 18 hrs ago probably had something to do with it... then I was handed the key.... The Rat fink key chain sealed the deal
Scratch the cab switch idea, You've go a cool/unique looking car, it just wasn't executed very well. It looks like the frame is the place to start. It looks like a total hack job, cleaning it upa and stretching it is probably more trouble than building from scratch. Get the CCR plans from , maybe Youngsters plans and Ohio Street T's too. Just modify them to suit what you'vegot. Look around, see if anyone will sell you the front (door hinges forward) of a 27T body, or maybe Ron Popes Big Boy Body; that'll help with the foot room problem.
I like that Rig. It works for me, it is almost as if the frame and body were made to fit each other! My compliment on the build!!!
I agree with Spanky ; use the metal truck cab. Chop & channel the body. Add a section to your frame. Add the section somewhere in front of the frame's kick up.DSCN1397.JPG
More details : Make your cut behind the transmission crossmember & the front of the frame's kick up. Everything from the transmission crossmember to the front spring perch will remain intact. You'll need a longer drive line ( drive shaft ).

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