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Pickem up bed

dave kreis

New Member
I need a bed for my 23 t that will let me install a 10 gal spun aliminuim feul tank and a nitrous bottle both are 10 inches in dia
i was not going to put the nitrous on but i just cant let them blower guys get the best of me dual 4 brls and nitrous what a cocktail "got to love it"
I agree. The combination of short wheelbase and light weight make these T's scary enough. A couple of weeks ago I ended up sideways across 3 lanes of highway when I got my foot a little too far into it. When I hit second gear the tires lit up and all of a sudden I was sliding sideways down the road.:eek:

My Son has two fours on his 302 Ford in his T and he has never been fully in the second carb.........the tires just won't hold it.

Just what I have been talking about for years, 99% of these HotRods can not leave under full pedal... If it is not set up as a drag chassis, and it has to be able to go up and to go down fairly easy, and have near 70% static weight on the rear wheels... When you can flat foot it out of the gate from a dead stop, and go in a straight line, you now have it together, that is the only reason I never lost a single drag race... and I did not have more power than most of the cars I raced, just traction... :)
Don and Ted are100% correct leave that nitrous at the dentists office where it belongs.
I say go for it. There is no such thing as too much power. You control it with you right foot. Now they are right you do have to hook it up to win a drag race.

As to how to mount all that in a bed. You will need a 20" bed. You can mount that N2O bottle side ways in there and then a small enough fuel tank to squeeze in front of it.
Come on guys i know i dont need the nitrous but the look wont hurt i am only putting on one of the 50-100hp kit from edelbrock mainly for the bad attitude look to go with my 2 x 4 tunnel ram and to acsent my wheelie bars i already have a 375 hp 350 and if i get the urge to hit the button it will remind me of the old 70 muscle car like my dads gtx poor brakes lots of power and my butt cheeks puckering up tight "got to love it"

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