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Seat idea


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As i get closer to getting my body, I have been concentrating on ideas that I had for my interior. Here's one from a member of the NTBA. His screen name is Swade41 (I think) and I really like they way he did his side panels. That's pretty much how I had planned, but mine would be upholstered in red vinyl. What REALLY caught my eye are those cool looking bucket seats! Check 'em out.


I really like the simplicity of his layout. Notice the tranny hump and gear shift. Really cool setup.
I have to agree on this design. Been kicking around the idea of bomber seats myself, but not sure how they would work out. Have not seen any that I really like yet and they all seem to be pretty expensive. Thanks for the picture. I hope to get joined up on the NTBA soon.
You won't be really cool, unless you use the "Evenrude Outboard Shifter" in your interior!! Seen on HR site.LOL
Here's another set of bomber seats I discovered on another website. These are mounted in a '32 roadster p/u. They look great, but like all bucket seats in small cars, drivers and passengers with a "wide load" may find them uncomfortable.:)

I used these in mine.

1930's Austin 7.

They were the only ones that I could find that were narrow enough to fit down beside the driveshft tunnel.
As narrow as these cars are, I just believe the bench seat is much more comfortable for two people.

thomas said:
As narrow as these cars are, I just believe the bench seat is much more comfortable for two people.


My girlfriends butt thinks so too, Thomas!:lol: But, I love seeing the variations in style.

GMC T, I really dig that set up. Unfortunately for us up north, those seats would probably be hard to find, but man, they sure look sweet in your setup. I like how you intergrated the seat belts. Very cool.;)
If you have ever riden in a T for an hour, you know how nice it is to change posterior position every oncein a while. The buckets are very cool looking but.....
thomas said:
As narrow as these cars are, I just believe the bench seat is much more comfortable for two people.


Another thing to consider. Speedway sells bomber seats and they are only 16" wide and have a lip or side. Most companys are the same way. Now, if your passengers butt or your butt is that wide, no problem. Measure the seat area in your insert, I bet its wider than 16". On a regular style bucket seat, it probably wouldn't matter, the extra cheeks would just hang over the side.

Jeez, that sounds kinda gross.:lol:

This lady says to get the bench seat.

hi..i have bucket seats in my t but i also made the body 6 inches wider then the norm. i went to schucks and they have cheap plastic seats,i then cut the head rest off and cut the bottoms off so my head wont be in the clouds.i covered them with vinyl seat covers and im very happy with them so far and look good.i will post pictures tomorrow
Before we fitted the seats we just had a couple of foam pads to sit on and no back rest. It was more comfortable that it is now. We had to go with the narrow buckets instead of a bench seat as the car sits low and the driveshaft goes through the car. I wanted to sit down low in the car not on it as sometimes happens with T buckets.

I am thinking of just making some more padded squabs that velcro in place as the seats move the driver too far forward. It is ok but a bit more leg room would be good.

Something light as we are thinking of just using the car for racing. Drags, hillclimbs and a bit of dirt....... :cool:

The gearbox is out at the moment as we had the flywheel come loose.:eek:
I am also looking at fitting a power assist to the clutch. Once it is all back together I will post some better interior pics.

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