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Spirit Brake Pedal Ratio


I got a Spirit kit back in December 2007, less than a year ago. I have read the pedal ratio for the power brakes was setup at 2.5 to 1. I just checked mine and it is 4 to 1. Pivot Bolt to MC rod is 2.25" and pivot bolt to brake foot pad is 9". Spirit must have changed their pedal ratio before I got my kit. The brakes are good with the proportioning vale in the front brake line going to the big GM Calipers. The proportioning valve is set at about 70% proportional. The S-10 brakes are OK but are a little over powered by the more efficient front calipers. I may change to disc on the rear this winter just to have some very efficient stoppers. I have around 12" vacuum at idle so the power master will work, with higher vacuum it would work great but that is not going to happen. The S-10 brakes are a little funky and do take some work to get working right. After backing and stoping in reverse for about 10,000 miles and useing the e-brake 1,000,000 times they now work good enough for now, better than most hotrods.

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