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Wilwood 175's


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Total Performance used to sell these single piston calipers that were polished billet aluminum. Speedway doesn't stock them in anything other than black anodized, nor does Summit, so I tracked them down at Wilwood. The old TP stock number for the polished billet unit was 120-1064D, the number at Wilwood is 120-1064P. I had previously asked Speedway if they would order a set for me if I could track down the correct part number and they said no, so I ordered a set directly from Wilwood.

At least they do sell the pucks.I just bought some last week.To bad they dont offer them in a softer compound.These are dragster calipers and they dont give a rats butt if they make noise(The suckers rattle and groan alot)
Wow. I ordered those calipers at 10:00 yesterday morning and they arrived at noon today!
I see Wintec one of our forum sponsers handles some 175 parts including pucks. Hope this helps

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