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For Sale Windshield rods


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Stainless steel W/S rods -61" long Better built than Speedways.
$65..+ $20. ship...Butch27 ---734-421-8349..
Butch, do you have a upload a file button? If so, just click on it, then go to the file your photos are in and highlight it or just double click it. Then choose thumbnail or full size. I always downsize photos to 640 x 480 to save space on my computer and it saves space on this site also.
Can you do a Print Screen and post it here?

- Tap the Print Screen button (It's just to the right of the F12 key)
- Click in the box where you add text for your reply
- Right click in box and paste

Should look like the graphic below, I used the same process.


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