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Wiper blade?


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Part of getting my bucket legal in WV is the requirement of 1 wiper directly infront of the driver.

I've seen the clamp on types that are manually operated and will probably be what I use..

Just looking to see what others have done.
Use a manual wiper if your state will allow to pass inspection, and Rain X for rain as Spanky suggested. That what I did to pass NSRA inspections, although my wipers are electric. The roadster has none, but no inspection required in my state.
The NSRA will not accept manual wipers, so I, too, would like to see & hear from the folks!
I do not see the clamp in the Quick Mount!
The knob on the shaft that looks kinda like a toilet flush handle is the adjustment nut. Tighten it up to close the gap on the opening. Look at the second photo down on the left of the photos.

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