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Working on my T,thought I would share my work with you.


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Been awhile since i have shown progress of of my T.I have started doing the interior trying to do it myself with great help from my girl,and man's best friend(the dog).So far so good with very little sewing other than the piping between the door panels and the top roll.Not sure if i can pull off the seats with out sewing or not but going to try wish me luck.:thumb: Going to be a nice weekend in Ohio so i'll try to keep you posted of progress.

Welcome to the forums! I'm also running a Pinto 4-cylinder. Your ride is looking good. Where are you located?

Nice looking classic T Welcome have you started the task of license yet?
Very nice !I come a hair puttin a 4 in my T,and changed my mind at the last minute.
Mabie next time .I'll try to keep up on this build.:D
I,m from ohio .Never done interior before but working on that right is a picture of my previous T that i sold.
Welcome to the forum HotRod1968, it looks like you're going to have a great bucket when you get it finished.
Where in Ohio?You should put where youre from in your profile.

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