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Hello from Kansas!


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Hello Everyone!

Just joined the forum as the buildup of my bucket T starts. I'm lookin' for a little bit of information on how people have done different Jag IRS setups and this post was helpful,

But I was wondering what people do for aftermarket rotors, calipers and knock off wheels to fit the old jag rear?

I'm also looking for information on 18" spindle mount wire wheels....I like the look of tfeverfreds so I'll be sending him a PM soon.

Thanks for the forum!
Welcome to the site Diztroy. Hope you like what you see here. I'm just starting to sort out the mounting of my rearend now. I was going to use the stock brakes rebuilt of course. My rearend is from a sedan so it has a 4-3/4" bolt pattern. Speedway sells a flange that you weld onto the hub so a Chevy rim can be used. That's all I have so far, but stay tuned, I'm moving forward. Hope to post some pics in a day or two.

Hey diztroy, welcome. I'm wondering about your question about aftermarket rotors and calipers. The stock stuff is fine. I rebuilt my calipers with a kit I ordered off the internet. I replaced my rotors with stock pieces I got at NAPA. There are aftermarket parts if you want them, but they are pricey.
Welcome to the board from a native Kansan:D

"Rock Chalk Jayhawk" :cool:

Thanks for the Welcomes everyone!

Youngster, I didn't know about the Speedway flange kit, Thanks for the info!

Lee, I didn't realize NAPA sold rotors for these old Jags, I'll have to look into that. Would you happen to have a link to where you got the rebuild kit for the calipers? Oh and I was going to PM you, where did you get that finned rearend cover? I think it looks a lot better then the one Speedway sells. Have you added a vent to it yet? Did that stop the oil from leaking?

So do most of the parts (ring/pinion/carrier) from a dana 44 swap to the jag rearend?

Coupefreak, I must say I'm more of a "GO WILDCATS" type, but I'm sure we can still get along! :)

Oh and if anyone can help me ID these front wheels (or hubs) I'd REALLY appreciate it! :D I've seen them used on a lot of buckets, but I can't seem to find who makes them or what they are from (Motorcycle, Harley?)

nothing wrong with the Wildcats:D

actually, I'm a Cornhusker fan myself:eek:

NAPA part # for the rotors... ATM0941104

For the caliper rebuild kit, go to Auto Parts Fast at RockAuto and enter BECK/ARNLEY Part # 0711077 in the search window. You can also get the rotors from them.

My rearend cover is from Summit, and no, I haven't put a vent in it. There really isn't enough meat anywhere to drill and tap for the vent. I recommend the Mr. Roadster cover from Speedway.

Regarding Dana 44 parts fitting, it all depends. On what, I haven't figured out. I think the carrier, ring and pinion are standard Dana 44, but the bearings and fasteners vary by year. Beyond that, I don't know.

So whereabouts in Kansas are you? I'm in Overlarge Park, a suburb of Kansas City.
Lee, Thank you very much for the part numbers/information!

I'm building the car near Goessel, Kansas its about an hour north of Wichita or an hour south of Salina (BTW, are you making it to Kustom Kemps car show in Salina).

BTW, I was looking through your pictures, thanks for posting the specs about your car....I really like that rear tire size. :)


P.S. Does anyone have any idea's about those front rims I posted? :D I think I'll try posting in the driveline section and see if that gets more view...hope thats OK.
Welcome, Diztroy! Glad you made it and I see you started out with some rather good questions. Makes us work a little around here!:)

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