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RPM mailbox topper


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The mailman just delivered the mailbox topper I ordered from RPM's Ebay store and I'm happy to report the picture he has of it on his site doesn't begin to do it justice. I may have to order a second one because I'm not too sure I want to put this one outside, thanks Ron.


You know for a profile T it has a lot of detail..very nice Ron:thumbsup:
RPM said:
Glad you like it. We have all kinds of hot rod type stuff on our web page now.

I posted the picture on another forum I belong to (not car related) and had two guys ask for your ebay store addy so you may have a couple of more sales.
I now have one of these beauties, as well. I'm just trying to decide where it will be best (and safely) displayed.
I'm new here by a couple months, does RPM have a store on ebay?where can i see more goodies.I'm thinking christmas gifts!

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