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Torque converter


I have a question on torque converters or your recommendations.
Through some misfortune I have to rebuild my motor and thought I would do some modifications while I was at it . Its a 351W ford C-6 tranny
I am going back with 10.5 comp. 540 cam ported heads and a RPM intake
not to radical . I was thinking of going with a 2500 stall converter . I am running 3.0 gears , I hear you dont want to get one to high or it will eat up your mpg on the highway or get hot cruising around ??
SO what do Y'all think ??
I'm planning on using a 2500 rpm converter also. Given the light weight of a T, and the fact that the converter was designed for a car weighing 3000 to 4000 lbs, you will probably lose around 1/3 of your stall speed. Your 2500 rpm stall converter will actually be in the 1500 to 1700 rpm range. Check out the Tech Forum over at the NTBA site. Good info there....
I'm running a 2200 stall with a marine roller cam and I get no lurch at all when going into gear. My Son is running a radical Motorsport X cam with a 2800 stall and it does lurch somewhat and tries to pull him through redlights. We have to pull the tranny out anyway to send it back to TCI, so we may upgrade to a 3000 or 3300.

Problem with going too high is the heat generated through slippage.

I had a 2800 stall converter in mine for years. It would idle at a light and I would need quite abit of brake pressure but usually I'd just slip it into neutral at a light. This past year I went with a full manual TH400 and a 3300 stall. The difference is like night and day. Not near as much brake pressure required at a light and holycrap is it FUN now. The more I play with it the closer it gets to about 3 mpg, but dang its FUN.

I have a 3200 stall with 3.55 rearend and 30 inch tall tires. Takes little brake pedal to hold it and if you hammer it, hold on, she's gonna take off fast.
Thanks guy's it sounds like if I want any kind of mileage I have to live with a hard brake at the light or little brake and bad mileage,but better performance Hummm decision"s decision's ,,well sounds like I'm buying lots of gas this summer,,and a 3200 to 3500 is what I need
Thanks again

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