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G'Day Intrepid,
That dash is amazing work on your part, I tips me lid. Looking a the lower section with the fins it's screaming out to me to be painted black and then rub the edge of the fins back to a polished finish.That would blend it into the Carbon Fibre at the top. Keep up the good work.
yep 50 going on 25 .. except my back, knees and grey beard thats all going on 80.

G'Day Eh Aus. I was thinking that to but I want to wait and see how the side steps, air filter and gas and break pedal looks first. I have the same material to make all that stuff and its allot easier to go that way but its hell of allot harder to go back. Have to wait and see.
Hey bucket heads.
What thermal switch are you guys using to turn on your fan relay ?
Part number and on / off temp.

SBC 327
Mine is from Amazon: Yosoo model no. 923-7; on = 185; off = 175. It works fine, but I'm afraid it's one of those Chinese parts.:mad: If I had it to do over, I'd buy American.
I just put one of those fan controllers that @Indycars posted in my Model A. It works great. Even has a hookup for the A/C to tell the fan to come on when the compressor does.
Hey guys. another question to the group.
I blended in the cherry bomb mufflers to my steel headers, not as well as I thought.
I am getting ready to paint them and made a jig of the table to wheel them outside for paint.
They have some low spots as you can see and I was thinking of using plastic filler to smooth them out (Bondo).
If I use filler will it just crack and peel ?
the filler would be really thin.
Also I am thinking later down the road I want to ceramic coat them.
Thoughts ?
20200521_174137.jpg 20200521_174153.jpg 20200521_174200.jpg
I've never tried plastic filler on anything that gets as hot as turnouts will, might work, but my expectations would be low. Seems to me the best thing to do is add material to the low spots with a welder until they become high spots and then start grinding.
Bondo will fail under high heat. I know first hand it will fail. It was some years ago but I don’t think bondo has changed that much over the years.
Body filler will cook for sure. And the so called Hi-Temp fillers also.

I ran into low spots when making my headers.


What worked for me was to find a setting on my MIG welder that had little chance of blowing through but enough heat to lay down consecutive rings of overlapping beads. Starting with the outside ring and letting the area cool between rings. Then your left with new material to work down.

I made this little set up to polish my headers but it works to prep them for paint as well, simple, cheap and effective.

header polishing (5) [640x480] (2015_11_13 11_07_31 UTC).JPG

header-polishing-(10) (2015_11_13 11_07_31 UTC).jpg

final polish (2015_11_13 11_07_31 UTC).JPG

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