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Guide 682c headlamps

When I hooked these up I used only three wires, the turn signals and high & Low beams the ground was in the housing.......
When I hooked these up I used only three wires, the turn signals and high & Low beams the ground was in the housing.......

Yeah, that is one way to do it. I wanted to ad park lights so that requires another wire, and I like to keep a ground although I realize it can work through the shell I always err on the cautious side. Anyway, that is how I got to 5 wires. I looked closer at another Guide 682C, and it has the 5 wires in the pigtail, so I am leaning heavily on the Guides. at this point but I still have to work out some mounting problems I have encountered. Seems my speedway universal headlight stands don't position the lights far enough to the side to keep from hitting my Radiator grill shell as my shell takes up more over the frame real estate. A 682C is 8 1/2 inches in diameter and I have about enough room for a 6 1/2-inch headlight. It appears almost all the available off the shelf mounts give about the same horizontal distance so it may be fab time if I do the 682C headlights.
The 32 frame I got for this project was pinched in the front a lot. as a result, there is less room for the radiator because it is so narrow. Ah the problems we devise for ourselves.
BTW thanks for the clarification on the circuits I thought I might have been hallucinating and was wondering how 4 circuits could function on 3 wires. Yep, got to remember them park lights. At any rate I shall keep pushing on.
Well, rats. I have some very nice headlights with turn signals:
P1050054.JPG P1050049.JPG front turn.JPG
...But Autonik is gone. These look pretty good. You should use 4 wires: low, high, turn and ground. Using the frame as a ground is poor practice; can lose voltage or even lose connection. I don't use the frame for ground at all; every load gets a ground wire back to the ground bus.
Wonder if those would fit in a model T bucket. I have a pair with flat lenses I was thinking about bulb replacements but these are way cheaper! I may have to start cutting expenses if I try to make the NTBA Nars in Branson next year.
Here's pics of them with LEDS off, and the rear view showing connectors appear to come with it.

I like those headlights. I do a little digging and found a set that were on and then off with the headlight on. I was impressed with the brightness. I have these on my short list now for sure. Thanks for the info…
I am just a bit confused. how do you get 2 circuits (park and turn) on 1 wire. I am using a GM Column and GM light switch. Also don't I need a dual element bulb? Still confused on the west coast..

Ok so I just found the answer to my question. You can use 1 wire for both park and turn signals. 1 caveat to this is it must be an incandescent bulb used. you basically run the bulb at 1/2 brightness for park lights and when the turn signal is activated it puts a full 12 volts on the bulb to make it right. I found this circuit online and drew up a copy for anyone to use if interested.

On the headlight park and turn I am going to use Guide 682C headlight with Led Park and turn sig built in. The 682C has all the wires necessary to make everything function and I get all the functions I want done in one assembly. The big downside is the cost. but what is money when you're having fun.


I hope this can be of help to someone wanting a park and turn signal on 1 wire.
Well, I have wrapped up the headlight dilemma. I finely turned to the old school style Guide 682c headlights. I got them in Stainless Steel, and it has a Led Turn /Park lamp. The headlight uses an H4 bulb and was expensive as hell, but I just love the look of that old style headlight. It will fit and go really good with my 32 Rad shell and grill. I have a set of mounts that match my shock mounts with the old lightening holes. Headlights will be here tomorrow and as soon as I get them mocked up I will Post a photo of them.
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone I think I made a good, informed decision all though it's costing me...
Well, I have the headlights and mounts modified and mocked the headlights into position. I thought I would drop a photo or two of the mockup. I really like the way they fit and the 682C lights are the right move in my opinion. Now to figure out wire routing through the frame so I can get all the necessary holes done before the T is disassembled and final welded and paint on the frame. I am planning on finishing this car by the end of next summer. The winter months are going to be brutal in the shop with only a personal heater to keep me from freezing. So without the fanfare here are the headlights set up...




I am now happy with the headlight situation. Now back to all the little things. as I call them "The SLD's

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