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Ignition Wiring


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I had a mishap yesterday, the power wire to the elec. fan melted down and darn near set the car on fire. I get it shut down in time. Time to intall the crap straight wire job and install the correct wiring.

That being done I notice that the ballast resister for the coil is under the dash with an "Anti theft" switch dangling. Yeah right. Out it goes.

I believe the resister is wired form the ignition terminal on the switch to the resister, and the resister to the ignition side of the coil. Yep it's point ignition.

Could someone validate my thinking here.

The hazards of buying something some else built. And the builder repairs navy jet engines.:eek:


Never mind, I was right in my thought process, works fine.
JC, the same thing happened to me just this weekend mine melted down.
I installed a new fan, but mine also has the fuel pump on the same kill switch. Now when i turn the switch on the car wants to start, with the key out of the ignition. i think It melted more wires than I can see. can u give me some advice on what u did to get it Running

:cool: Laz
This is just the very reason I draw up a wiring diagram for each car after I'm through wiring it. Makes troubleshooting soooo much easier even if you are the one that did the wiring. Hope you guys can straighten out the problem.

As far as the part about the Navy jet mech...they can make for some sleepless nights for the plane captain.

Unhook the ignition wire from back of ignition switch with battery disconnected and check wire with ohmmeter from fan wire diconnected from switch and starter wire off ignition switch for resistance if it goes to almost zero they are melted together somewhere.
Thanks guys 4 the info. I plan to re-due the entire wiring system in the car. this way I will feel safer when driving the car :cry:.

:D the good thing is. I will have fun doing the work :D

:cool: Laz
Buy a kit either painless or ez harness they are really easy wires are marked every 6 inches what they are for.
The hardest part of wiring your T is going to be gettin' started. When you take the old wiring out, mark everything. It might be a real good reference later. Lay it out some where so you can refer to it as you go. The drawings in the tech articles are very good. Do yourself and the next owner a favor and draw a diagram when you're done.

thanks 4 the tips guys i will find out about the kit, and take some pics with my digital cam as well as marking the old cables

:cool: laz
hi i found a company called they offer an 8 cicuit wiring kit for $125 i just ordered mine hopefully will be here next week.

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